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BOOK5 Steps to Take before Your Next Job Interview

Lawrence OLeary, PhD found through his research that up to 90 percent of Fortune 1000 organizations use very similar formats for employment interviews.

In 5 Steps to Take before Your Next Job Interview, he reveals that format and draws upon his more than thirty-five years of experience conducting employment interviews to help job seekers get the positions they’re targeting. Learn how to:

  • Identify what the interviewers are after in your specific interview, well before you participate in the interview
  • Develop an awareness of the types of questions your interviewer(s) will ask and how to prepare
  • Prepare your answers to many of the anticipated questions in your specific interview prior to being interviewed.
  • Avoid a number of behaviors that weaken job interview performance.
  • Identify the types of employment tests that may accompany your interview, what they measure and how to do your best on the tests.